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On this wiki, I, CureHibiki will let users follow the adventure of her characters, Aihara Hoshimi and Kiseki embark on a magical journey to stop Nemesis from getting their own way.
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The story of Miracle☆Force
Fighting through the power of miracles is what introduces the world to the Miracle☆Force heroes. Aihara Hoshimi was just a normal girl striving to be an idol when she stumbles into the Miracle☆Force world due to coming across a girl acting strangely as she is pursued by a not so kind looking woman. When the situation gets even worse, it turns out the woman wants something Kiseki has. This object is what causes Hoshimi to become a member of Miracle☆Force alongside Kiseki and a mysterious girl who does not want to join the duo.
Author's Note

Hey, so this is my first proper anime series that I hope to continue to the very end. Its genre consists of magical girl, idols, humor and action. However, there will be some twists in this anime where there will be a little bit of mystery, romance and drama hidden underneath its surface. I hope you enjoy the direction Miracle☆Force is going in and will enjoy it for what it is.
- CureHibiki


Most of the designs for the templates came from the template designs on Aikatsu! Wiki and the idea for this series came from Aikatsu! and the Pretty Cure franchise.

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